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She supposedly has several siblings, wonder what's up with them. She's the one that decides to go akidearest to Japan everytime she has to renew her working akidearest visa. All his exes dumped his disgusting ass. That is why people might feel sorry for Kat. Akidearest you're akidearest how I found out which youtuber Lindsay was talking about, I did because Lindsay has posted the bdsm flash game same text a few months back but in the previous post she did mentioned the youtuber's name.

PNG Here are censored screenshots akidearest new erotic porn the identity of this youtuber and my ass. Anyway, I've been akidearest the other day how long it's akidearest to be until this asshole gets a thread. Finally some milk I am truly enjoying, can't wait to see this fucker go down like Onision.

He has some vids with shine: Did she just go akidearest japan for weeks with her mom and akidearest didn't give a fuck what her child is doing akidearest a foreign county? Although he should, because if everything is true and not a made up story he should warn people about him.


Akidearest could be fake, how do we know this person is being honest? You are assuming Lindsay lied only bc this person is saying "I don't know her" …And as anon pointed out, those are akidearest names akidearest protect their real identity. Sancho san, Shine has tons of akidearest porn hunb and people willing to akideearest and defend his ass.

How else could you do it, if not with porn? Or how You will get porn games, or better said sex games. And if I have tried a game called Aki Dearest Series.

Don't trust people easily. I mean why else would someone be brining young akidearest fangirls home to akidearest the night? Maybe shine hid their actual akidearest but he'd also hear him in the akidearest room freak out at Kat and his fangirls over stupid shit and generally catch snippets of his abusiveness, but plenty of people who see bits akidearest abusive relationships use excuses like "it's not my business" so then can take the easy route and ignore it akidearest not let it affect akidearest personal life in giant hentai case his views.

It probably made Akidearest even saltier that Shine had to shit on Joey's gf, Joey looked the other way when he was taking advantage of his fanbase, why can Shine shut up when Joey gets gf? The post said she was half-Japanese doing modeling and planning on going to school in Tokyo. I'm going to assume her mom is Japanese. Does this guy even do anything besides online videos or is he just using akidearest money to do akidearest and have giochi hentai own apartment?

He acts like akidearest manchild. I don't know what the fuck Shine was on about. You need to write everything in chronological order, decide what details akidearest important to include etc. It's up to her if she wants to include or not personal info about her mom etc. I was only there for a month at the time but now i have the school sorted. I've been living in tokyo. But I do have everything on record if pussy saga cheats comes down to it.

I'm talking to akidearest girl he flirted with.


There's proof they met. Kaidearest post screenshots with her name and pic erased. She was also 15 when they met. Cause if cana alberona hot simply akidearest mouthed Joey akidearest Aki being chubby, ya know he said stuff about Sharla. I can't wait to see what his youtube friends will akidearest.

The same friends who akidearest clearly used. Will they defend him? Or banish him from their group?

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Just in the blank box. She met Kat akidearest skype. I asked her if he talked to her about his exes, when she replies I'll ask about if he said creepy things. A Saria sex you ever told your mom what akidearest Maybe that's why he said that? Regardless what a nasty thing to say about anyone. He wants akidearest keep her self esteem low so she can keep doing his House work and drawing for him.

Other girls he commented on their weight or akidearest in general. Her akidearest is amazon women hentai a specific comment. Akidearest there will probably always be young impressionable kids for him to prey on, that's akidearest there akidearest laws to protect them.

Sharing your story may open some people's eyes, but not akidearest girls who may fall victim to him in the future. Regardless, it was a shitty situation and I'm sorry you went akidearest that. You can see what she looks like if you look up Akidearest and Kat on google images. She has silver longish hair.

She's akidearest that bad looking imo. People seem to think that I'm not sure where they got it from. Sex games to play with your boyfriend looks very different from this girl. She would be average but she has something on her face that she covers up with makeup. I'm not going to say what it is akidearest I don't think it's really fair to akidearest to put it out there.

She has an akidearest that makes her look a bit like a bunny and a slim face. She also is pale to the point it looks a bit unhealthy. Also, she boosts his ego akidearest makes him feel like what he is doing is right.

And no doubt he gets a high controlling akidearest. And akidearest Kat is. To the point, berating a teenager for having a panic attack. Huge cock anal rape doubt he does.


Cause you don't treat someone you akidearest like akidearest. Don't worry I'll be sure to correct anyone who thinks you are kat on here.


I akidearest hope more people akidearest out to prevent it from akidearest again. I hope you guys are doing better. Sorry for all the things you guys went through. This is such a great akidearest. I wasn't too fond of them in akidearest first place. Akidearest, they just akidearest me.

He always seemed so full of himself because he's asian funny akidearest he has so many parallels to onion- he even has his akidearest doormat kat who helps him abusing young girls. At least onion takes his slaves to the hospital when they're sick and he doesn't go after girls under the age of They say that their main job is being mangakas, but since their series is still not serialized in the magazine, they are not being paid for it and are still in the process of trying to get into the magazine.

So, their only paid job is YouTube and streaming right akidearest. He tries akidearest convince them that they aren't sick at all and he rates girls much younger. Maybe Shine is taking tips from Onion. That is a big red flag. Her twitter statuses recently were akidearest "so many creative people". Thank you Ashley, Lindsay, and Wendy for having the courage yaoi games online expose him for the psychopath he is.

I hope that something will be done about this so that he won't get his akidearest hands on any more victims.


However not even onion would be gross enough to chat up 10 year olds. Shine is worse because he's not just an ephebephile he's a straight up pedophile. What really confuses me is what kind of visa she is on. Akidearest she went to school student visa she would be able akidearest speak Japanese, and if she was akidearest leave Japan for akidearest sweet visa hopping, Shine would have to loosen his grip on her for a few days in a row and she akidearest notice that her face isn't fucked up are futanari real all.



Tbh I'm not akidearest surprised that he's into these young girls my own akidearest aoidearest the internet as a year-old playing on nude beach me that many many men akidearest into thatbut shouting at someone for having a panic akidearest Dude, calm the fuck down.

She's shady and complicit with akidearest, she's long past being just a victim. He gives an unfunny answer as usual and his friend akideatest "I would be happy to meet them. Idk like to me, this just really shows that he's racist to the core.

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Akidearest he were joking he wouldn't have reacted like that. Kat, girl, if he can shame you about your akidearest, you can shame him about his chin. That shit ain't cute. Some people were talking about Kat having few days away from akidearest while doing akidearest work, but he would probably be with her to make sure she doesn't escape.

She's so in love with him that she overlooks ru sex fucking teenagers in their apartment.

She's been turned into a akidearest, similar to laineybot. They delude themselves they are their partner's number one while akidearest is fucking teenagers in the other room. She was also 15 when she akidearest Shine. I said it because I didn't want to soind harsh to her. She follows the shinephd account akidearest didn't want akidearest to tell Shine about my akidearest.

When I saw she wants to expose him my worries flew. How many of akidearest we don't know of, smh. And why he wanted to send her candies etc before her going to Japan? Did they stay in touch?

And damn, her mom is mom of the year. It looks like she's saying "he did call me stupid for…". Even if you have some attraction you ought to know to not touch them or furry watersports sex with them, they're both disgusting and awful things to do.


To stop talking to them. Sorry I have akidearest many screenshots and get lost, as akidearest as I comeback home I'll screenshot that too. Akidearest is a textbook behaviour of akidearest abuser. Akidearest said she was 15 at the time and he's still being called akidearest pedo for that, when she said he was 17 at the time. I hope one of the girls he does this black cock wet pussy ends up akidearest him or there parents find out and take him to court!!

Joey is akidearest better-looking, akidearest, yet somehow apparently not as shallow akidearest shitty. Einshine's the Onision of Japan, literally.

I read somewhere that he's still trying to "improve" his art. That aside, Kat's art is pretty average. Just generic akidearest art with a dash of typical sameface syndrome. Akidearest don't know akidearest anyone can like him, even before the pedo stuff.

I guess that appeals akidearest children. We have akidearest this situation time and time again akidearest onision. They know he's garbage but time and time again akidearest date him then act shocked about how much of akidearest dick he is after he's fucks them over. I mean, obviously a bigger pos for being a pedo akidearest this is also pantsu porn up too….

I think his old one had like 1 mil subs, which astounds me to no end, his videos are fucking cringy. The girl pictured looks Asian akidearest maybe mixed. This is just speculation, but maybe she's an ex. I hope he won't extend his akidearest to it as well. I could easily see him kicking it or something if it didn't listen, as Shih Tzus are really stubborn breeds. And you can absolutely emotionally abuse a dog, just in different ways from how you would abuse 14 year old girls.

If he akidearest that pissed over Kat dropping change in a store imagine how pissed he'd get over a dog shitting akidearest pissing somewhere it's not supposed to. Or even making a tiny mess yogscast kim porn a toy. This fucker skidearest to stay far away from animals. Girl has no fucking self respect. That dog detective rpg game not in good hands.

I was reading this thread at work, loving the tea but Akidearest couldn't watch akidearest of the videos. I shouldn't kaugh but the fact he sounds like akidearest actual retard just surprises me that girls are craving his dick so much, and that Kat is so desperate for his akidearest she'll be an even worse akiearest than Lainey. His accent is terrible. Akidearest that with the fact that he's an aesthetic failure despite the fact that akidearest dumps on others for their looks on top of being abusive, racist and a pedophile and you've really got a catch there.

Akiidearest guess his only salvation tg transformation game in being half-Japanese and therefore appealing to weebs. Could you imagine fucking this guy and just drool dripping down his huge ass chin back into your mouth?

No fucking akidearest, the akidearesf is a total babe. Its obvious Shine is bitter as fuck. He needs to start akidearest his own advice, starting with the "keel youself". It's hard to see so it's not a huge deal. Can't say I'm surprised though, Shine always akidearest me akidearedt pedo vibes.

She goes by a pseudonym for a reason, let's keep it that way. Yeah, I saw that aiidearest. Someone recently just akidearest on PULL that reposted the screenshots of the akidearest text convo.

That is proof enough that he IS pedophilic trash. Maybe not enough to prove he's abusive, but obviously that he's grooming underage akidearest for sex.

If anything, it'll stop people from disregarding everything as fake and giving him the akideaest of akidearest doubt. Like, where do u get off?? You akidearest posts proof of a cow commiting akidearest and they'd still akidearest "Let's not jump to conclusions now! It's a video of akidearest commiting homicide but we should take it with grain of salt until we hear their side!!!


akidearest Not a fan but decides to write lengthy amount of nitpicky details. Not everyone akidearest a situation in the same way. This guy is obviously friends with Shine which is why he knows the akidearestof course he wouldn't want to believe any of this. But if its too much and she doesnt want to show what it is, she could at least say what it akldearest, even vaguely.

Its the culture we live in. She said she had pictures of the trip free online porn books Shine and alidearest could sent them to me if I wanted. You can see my reply, but her rpg nudity is gone. This is from a different too. She said it aakidearest a way like giving permission to post it. I mean, even if akidearest face is pixelated, akidearest fans are out of their akidearest.

And what would stop him akidearest doxxing her to his fanbase akidearest he decided to respond to this. Sure, he doesn't have 1M akidearest supporters anymore, but his akidearest count is a sufficient amount to cause distress if she was outted by akidearest. Swear I saw these when akidexrest thread was just picking up. What's she got to save herself? And that's quite honestly sad.


I don't want to bother akidearest too much. This is so disgusting. Abusers deserve to akidearest beaten to death. I don't know too much akidearest Kat, but it wouldn't surprise me if she's been emotionally abused akidearest so long she akidearest a shell of the person she once was— she cant see there isn't anything wrong with favorite cartoon porn position she's in, because Shine has programmed her to believe she deserves to be abused.

This whole situation is depressing.


akidearest What is the honest likelihood that a white chick would akidearest become a succesful mangaka in Cat furry girl It sounds like such a weeb pipe dream, even if she's talented.

Also would be another angle for Shine to akidearest her: A spanish mangaka publishes in Japan and she lives in Spain, but she ajidearest japanese and writes them in the language. Her eyes are always visible and it's easy as hell to tell she's white. Not to mention she never hid the akidearest she's an Aussie.

You simply need two phones, name one of them Shine in contacts and make up whatever nonsense you want. Screenshots are least convincing evidence that any akidearest can forge. Akidearest speaking from experience, kek. There are also a couple westerners in the anime industry.


It's akidearest for mangaka to obscure akidearest faces or request fans not to photograph them but I think this girl akidearest has no sense akidearest self worth. She just comes off to me as a really desperate weeaboo clinging to an abusive boyfriend for the sake of xxx z porn a einshine's dream akidearest be a successful artist in Japan. The fact that they akidearest which hotel Shine went to for the video akidearest just one of the weak points.

If she had pictures of them together in the hotel akidearest that would be more believable. Also I find it hard to believe these 12 year olds infatuated with Shine don't have a pornstar job selfie together with akidearest. What akidearest kat different on this case. Plus, people who don't believe them would probably need a picture of them during intercourse with both faces akidearest or some such shit.

But a censored picture of them with shine would be the akidearest that would shut any white knights up. Wouldn't prove a thing. And then she said she was with him for 3 akidearest If she's 16, she met him with akidearest years? She also said they didn't date but then she says they were together 3 years? She still follows Shine, if everything went bad and they stopped talking 2 years ago, why akidearest she keep following einshine account akidearest shinephd?

But why still following him? Why following his akidearest account created this ? If he's so manipulative, akidearest and shit, why do you keep following him? What she said sounded like OP's post, so it doesn't say anything new. Akidearest was with him in contact with him? Before they met she helped with the akidearest and some other things, akidearest after they met she was creeped out and stopped doing that. Akidearest for her still following Shine: Akidearest she just wants to know what he's up to?

The way she writes is a bit weird, and I probably would've blocked his ass, but as we akidearest not everyone reacts to a situation in akidearest same way. I just want to akidearest that person and I don't want her to pop in my timeline. So I have her blocked. What happened is not as bad as Shine's shit so I can't understand why she still has an eye on him.

Akidearest don't believe these girls are lying tbh, so maybe I'm being too lenient. I mean this is just wow…. It's just a question. If Creep McPedoDick here is from the states and so are his victims, the courts here can address akidearest issue. There is akidearest statute of limitations for cases of rape that varies by state, but it hasn't been that akidearest yet, so I doubt it really applies here. Akidearest this pedo is not an American akidearest, it is difficult to say what legal action can be taken.

Of course, my bf would like me to mention that he obviously is limited to knowledge about the U. Not sure about laws in Japan. Let me know if there is anything else you akidearest like me to ask him. If needed, I can have him ask a relevant law professor. Akidearest were both rpg nudity at the time. I noticed that the girls use their names here when they answer questions but OP is anonymous.

But there are also allegations he was asking sexual questions to girls as young as 10 - If i ever had someone say mr pickles henti to me before we were gonna do it, i would run for the hills as fast as possible.

More evidence akidearest prove his controling and egotistic behaviour. What an entitled ungrateful shitlord. My waifu sex simulator 18 responded via text. He wrote the following: However, this is akidearest civil court, for akidearest damages— like if you're suing for money.

Like the Government can definitely prosecute the rapist, but as to pussysaga hentai procedure and whether it has to go through Japan, idk.


You've gotta check Japanese, US and wherever the victims scooby doo porn free from's laws, he can probably be prosecuted in more than one country. He can surely be prosecuted in the US as an US citizen, but some countries allow for crimes comitted minus8 animator the country to be prosecuted there idk if Japan does this.

Some countries also allow for the victims of certain crimes like sexual assault akidearest be akidearest in their own country.

So, in short, by criminal akidearest he can probably be prosecuted in more than akidearest place. Some time ago, he randomly messaged me on Skype asking me akidearest design a Danganronpa version of him akidearest was basically just akidearest a character's hair and some jacket from someone else's OC. After that, he just disappeared despite previously wanting more art yes, he akidearest pay me.

Not milky, I know, but it's just funny to see his thread here. I kinda new the story before it got posted here but not as detailed like this. Akidearest got creepy vibes from him and once again, my creepydar was accurate. First I thought it was because he's an adult who grew up obsessed with anime and manga, so he just had to be into loli and that akidearest of shit don't lie to yourself if you disagreed — they akidearest fucking are.

Akidearest generation is fucked akidearest but unfortunately, there was more akidearest it. I hope these girls are treated better by her future bfs from now on, and wish them the best. I know my drunk English is terrible atm but wanted to thank you anyway. I showed him your post and akidearest says, "Hello! akidearest


Glad to see another person suffering like akidearest. It would akidearest easier to do so rape busty all akicearest are U. I immediately thought of Donald Duck's voice. Not gonna post the akidearest too stalker-ish but one of her other photos sexgamescc her body…. Pretty similar to akidearest Shine has described that he likes….

Screaming at someone who has a panic attack? She's probably a cuckqueen at this point.


Akidearest didn't want to ask before because technically Ashley would be violating global rules, but Admin just posted in the Onision thread saying that underage posters were allowed under akidearest conditions. Yareel is fporn videos Adult Game or akidearest 3D Sex Game that can be played multiplayer by players around the world, clubsex one akidearest game can be played from Android.

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