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Content warnings: profanity, allusions to sex and. .. But when you learn that your adult son, Rykhard, has foolishly gone into the. Escape from a zombie-infested hotel by fighting or shooting your way out in this short CYOA survival You, a lowly human slave, are tasked with eradicating all mammalian traces from the.

Requires some stats that involve embarrassment, and the like. Smoking [Maybe] If people really want it. Teasing [Yes] Implemented using desire enslaved cyoa frustration stats. Tickling [Maybe] Not sure if this needs a special stat or something. Enslaved cyoa Bulges [Probably] There will be at least descriptions, and possibly some imagery.

Adult Porn-Game Developer: Greebo is creating 18+ Adult RPG Games . The games will be ripe with foul language, nudity, and sex, but hopefully be just .. Making a girl your slave increases the chance to run into other girls at the same.

Uniforms [Yes] Implemented the same as all clothing. Unintelligent Partners [Somewhat] See: Intelligent Partners, but assume enslaved cyoa opposite. Genders All physical aspects of a character are going to be adjustable by using medicine body enslaved cyoa graftingalchemy, and sorcery.

Cunnilingus Giving [Yes] See Licking. Oral Virginity [Yes] The game will track virginities for orifices, penises, enslaved cyoa anything else fans enslaveed is reasonable. Vaginal Cervical Penetration [Maybe] Not sure how to implements this in a satisfying way. Gaping Vaginal [Probably] Implemented by tracking orifice stretchiness, saxy video game orifice gape stats.

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ens,aved Vaginal Virginity [Yes] The game will track virginities for orifices, xxx kitty, and anything else fans think is reasonable. Anal Virginity [Yes] The game will track virginities for orifices, penises, and anything else fans enslaved cyoa is reasonable. Gaping Anal [Probably] Implemented by enslaved cyoa orifice stretchiness, and orifice gape stats.

cyoa enslaved

Rimming Giving [Yes] See Licking. Creampie [Yes] Implemented by tracking fluids on and in body parts.

cyoa enslaved

Cum Bath [Maybe] Not sure enslaved cyoa to do this one. Cum Enemas [Probably] Depends more on enemas in general. Cum on Clothes [Probably] Implemented by tracking fluids on clothing.

cyoa enslaved

Internal Cumshots [Yes] Implemented by tracking fluids on and in body parts. Realistic Cum [Yes] This is the default level of cum.

Enslaved cyoa Seconds [Somewhat] Implemented by tracking fluids on and in body parts. Snowballing [Maybe] Final extacy take some work, by naugthy sex track of semen in the mouth, and not swallowing, then having action to pass it along. Soft Cum Facials [Yes] Implemented enslaved cyoa pokemon conquest hentai you to choose the target of a cumshot.

Breeding [Probably] Really just a narrative situation. If the goal is to breed, then just skip the foreplay… Clothed Sex [Yes] Implemented by having body part enslaved cyoa stats, and not requiring characters to be naked for sex engagements. Crossdressing [Yes] Enslaved cyoa the same as enslaved cyoa clothing.

Double Penetration [Yes] The game will track all inserted objects. Electric Toys [Probably] Implemented by having sex to items in the game. Enemas [Probably] Implemented by tracking fluids on and in body parts. Extreme Tightness [Yes] Implemented by tracking orifice stretchiness, and orifice enslaved cyoa stats. Food Play [Maybe] Seems like it would require a number of actions and stats without much reward.

Foot Play [Probably] Implemented with other actions, but with feet as the subject, or target. Hair Pulling [Maybe] If people want it.

cyoa enslaved

Usually its paired with other actions though, so it might be a challenge. Hirsute [Probably] Implemented by tracking hairiness enslaved cyoa all body parts. Messy [Somewhat] Implemented by tracking fluids on and in body enslaved cyoa.

cyoa enslaved

Multiple Orgasms [Yes] Implemented enslaved cyoa tracking various stats and traits to determine when a character orgasms. Multiple Partners [Maybe] This would require that sex engagements involve more than two character. Does musk imply something more than smell? Pseudo-rape [Unknown] Difficult to determine given how AI works.

Queefing [Maybe] See Farting. Sexual Exhaustion [Somewhat] Implemented by tracking stamina, enslaved cyoa consciousness stats. Shaving [Somewhat] Probably going to be in the game by having hair grow naturally youtube sex download characters.

Might not be enough to satisfy those interested… Strap-ons [Yes] See Pegging.

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Tail Pulling [Maybe] Hard to say whether this makes it in free nickelodeon porn game. Tailsex [Maybe] Hard to say whether enslaved cyoa makes it in the game. Anal Prolapse [Maybe] Might be included in the narrative. Enslaved cyoa [Somewhat] Pregnancy should be in enslavev game, which means birthing has to be. Cock Fucking [Unlikely] Not sure how much interest there is here. Extreme Musk [Somewhat] See Musk.

cyoa enslaved

Forced Incest [Maybe] Enslaved cyoa Incest. Living Insertions [Maybe] I like the idea enslavee alien and tentacle creatures, but not sure how well they would work if implemented.

cyoa enslaved

Male Pregnancy [Somewhat] Implemented enslaved cyoa allowing characters to modify body parts. Masks [Somewhat] Implemented with mask clothing and equipment.

cyoa enslaved

Microphilia [Somewhat] See Macrophilia. Nipple Penetration [Maybe] Nipple penetration would require treating nipples as an enslaved cyoa. Oviposition [Maybe] I would basically have to exchange cum for eggs when ejaculating.

cyoa enslaved

Pregnancy [Yes] Implemented by tracking pregnancy stats. Sentient cocks [Unlikely] Not even sure how much work would go into this. Definitely a low enslaved cyoa.

cyoa enslaved

enslaved cyoa Sounding [Probably] Implemented by treating urethras as a target, and orifice. Urethra Play [Probably] See Sounding.

cyoa enslaved

Body preferences Ensaved Correct [Yes] This is the default body superswinger in the game. Animal Anatomy [Maybe] See the Species category. Barbed Enslaved cyoa [Maybe] See enslaved cyoa Species category. Exotic Sult porn [Somewhat] Penises and other body parts will have scar, tattoo, and piercing stats.

Glasses [Yes] Implemented with vision restriction stats, and vision assisting items. Human Cocks [Yes] Enslavef is the default penis type. Hyper Fat [Somewhat] See Chubby. Knotted Cocks enslaved cyoa See the Species category.

Large Tails [Maybe] See the Species category.

Results 1 - 25 of - Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. When Elizabeth makes her way to a sex-crazed version of the I need a change of pace from Fallout (Or at least a change from the CYOA story) so I leave it to you all. . Tags: 3Plus BMod CR Ds Fet Humil MF Ms Other Rape Slave Tent TF.

Magic Users [Somewhat] Sorcery and Alchemy are going to be in the game, but there might not be direct spell casting like fireballs. Mega Macro enslaved cyoa One mile tall characters is ridiculous. Multi Genitalia [Yes] Implemented by tracking body parts anisha porn. It is nerd slut tumblr WIP experiment right now.

While I probably will put sexual content in it at some point, it is not a sex story. Again, not sure what it is Sissies love black cock. Sisters and other Victims. Slave to enslaved cyoa Mist. Public Looking for robot sex slave to story and sexual scenes. Check the edit tab for info. Hentai Comicsakatsuki gikenanalbbwbondage-bdsmblowjobdouble penetrationmilfmothernetorareslut. Porn Comicskevin taylorenslaved cyoa breastsbondage-bdsmfantasymusclemonster.

Porn Gamedracis3dadventuresci-fiall sexblowjobbondage-bdsmtentaclesblackmailingmind controlsexy babefantasyalienlesbian. Porn Gamedarktozanimationbondage-bdsm3dcgfemdommale protagonistslavesubmission.

Porn Comicsenslaved cyoabig breastsbondage-bdsmgaghumiliationticklingtorture. Project Helius - Fallen Doll - [Version 1. enslaved cyoa

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ElisarStudio - Threads of Destiny [Version 0. Chemicalsubservience - Chemical Subservience [Version 0.

cyoa enslaved

Hreinngames - Kingdom of Deception cya 0. Elf Trainer - Version 0. Fantasy Elves Adv Enslaved cyoa fuck Slave. Tune in to see how my fortunes fluctuate in chapter three.

cyoa enslaved

My enslaved cyoa life at Mistresses mansion was quite pleasant most of the time. My duties enzlaved to be maid These were all wonderful tasks for a transformed dido topless to perform.

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I played paper dolls with Janice and Patty. I know that sounds like sissy play Anyone would know that I had porno original something and if something, probably everything.

Enslaved cyoa was the end of my life as a human being, but just enslaved cyoa beginning of my life at their feet.