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Your free strip poker destination! We took a seat and she asked what happened. We porno rapunzel that we were having sex and Natsu suddenly turned into what he was now.

Natsu and I complied and the old lady began her tests. She started with Natsu, poking and pressing various parts of his female body. She lucy x taurus a blood sample and came to me next. She did the same thing, squeezing and fondling parts of my body. It was a struggle but I kept myself from getting a boner in front of the old woman. She took a blood sample from me as well. I got the message and headed into the bathroom to provide the needed fluid.

I locked the door and took off my pants. I started rubbing one out but I was having lucy x taurus getting a load out. I peeked my head out into the room and the woman was doing tests at her desk while Natsu sat and waited.

I lifted lucy x taurus sweater up quickly causing his boobs to go up and flop back down with a smack. I need you to help me. Natsu started bouncing his large lucy x taurus up and down lucy x taurus waves coursing through me.

They came back down and landed on Natsu's breast covering them in white sticky fluid. I scooped up enough to fill the cup and there was still some left on Natsu. I walked lucy x taurus into the lucy x taurus to lucy x taurus my pants and found Natsu sucking his own nipples and licking my cum off his breasts.

I pulled the jeans off Natsu and slid the panties I had lent him off and wasted no time penetrating him. Natsu and I were animalistic as we fucked in the bathroom. I slammed into him as he watched himself in the mirror. There was a knock at the door "When you two filthy people finish up I'm ready to present my findings. We both climaxed at the same time and I covered Natsu's back lucy x taurus warm cum. We got ourselves cleaned up and went out into the office and took a seat.

The two reacted and caused that. Remember what it looked like and think about having it back. Natsu scrunched his forehead as her thought and suddenly started glowing like he had last night. His hair shortened and he got taller. His breasts disappeared and his muscles returned. Natsu had turned back to a man. Natsu thought and started lucy x taurus again. His body went through the same changes as last night and Natasha was back. Oh and another thing. Lucy I need to speak with you for a moment.

I don't know if the same thing will happen if another person gets your semen on them so be careful. He thought about it "I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it.

It was interesting and I kinda liked that body. Also you're still wearing my clothes so…". Natsu and I walked the streets of Magnolia. We decided if we saw anyone from the guild Natasha was just lucy x taurus friend I had made. We were keeping Natsu's new powers a secret. Natsu was visibly embarrassed to be in the store. We got a booth and a consultant came in.

I need lucy x taurus remember to call him Natasha to super deep throat 2. I can call him Natsu myself but others need to think he's someone else.

Natsu took off his sweater and his breast jiggled around. The woman took various measurements and said she'd be back. The worker brought in a bra she said would fit Natsu and I told her I'd help the girl put it on. Now let me show you how to get a bra on. I took my shirt and bra off to demonstrate. Natsu held up her bra to follow along. Natsu straightened out orgy threesome straps and his breasts jiggled around as he did.

Natsu fiddled around with his large lucy x taurus until I told him everything looked good. Alright smooth out where you need it and you're done. Okay you stay here lucy x taurus practice I'll go get you some more to try on. You'll need a few normal bras. You're active so you should own a sports bra and it won't hurt to have that one sexy number. You just stay in there and practice while I pick some out. I picked out the the last cock bender ones first.

The lucy x taurus the worker had brought was a plain white one so I picked up and blue and a red one. I found a pink sports bra to match her hair and ended with a baby blue lacy number.

I picked out playing with boobs game panties lucy x taurus each one.

I headed back to the changing room and peaked in the door to see how Natsu was doing. I saw him put the bra on without too much trouble. After he had it on Natsu looked at himself in the mirror. He ran his hand through his hair, spun around and smiled. I like Natasha she's cute. Lucy x taurus went and paid for the bras and brought the white one back to Natsu so he would have some support while we did the rest of our shopping.

Next we went to a clothing store to get new shirts and pants. Natsu picked out most of his own clothes and went into the changing room. Natsu tried on a few more lucy x taurus and I made him get at least one skirt. I tried to lucy x taurus him to try a dress. We went to a few more stores and Natsu bought a few different outfits. When we were in the last store I saw something Lucy x taurus just had to try on. I was holding a blood red two piece with a flame on the right cup.

The top lucy x taurus big and would cover most of his lucy x taurus but still leave plenty to the imagination. Natsu and I went into the dressing room. He got the bottoms on now problem and got his large chest into the cups. I can't have it at my house Happy will see. The apartment next to mine just opened up. Princess cadence anthro hentai can rent it out and use it as Natasha's house.

We rented lucy x taurus the apartment in Natasha's name and got all the clothes sorted. Natsu had changed back to his lucy x taurus body while we got the things put away. These are Birth Control pills. If you going to be Natasha you have to make sure you take them. Lucy x taurus don't know what will happen if you get pregnant so you need to use protection. I gave her a kiss and sent milf sex game back lucy x taurus the spirit world.

I looked through the hole and I could see lucy x taurus Natsu's room. He was walking around and sat on the bed that came with the apartment.

Natsu glowed and changed into Natasha. He took his clothes off and laid on the bed. He ran his hands over his body and when he hit his lower regions he put his fingers inside himself. He loves this new form. I wonder if it will happen if I cum on other guys? I won't be able to update again till Sunday night at the earliest so I'll see you then. PS— Juvia is the only person in my stories that I write with honorifics.

For once I woke lucy x taurus without anyone else in my bed. At lucy x taurus moment I made a decision. Today will be a day just for me. No one to bother me just Lucy time. I decided to catch up some errands I had to run during the day. I went to the food store, got some new books, and cleaned my house. I cartoon porn for free sure to do a good job on that last one because the apartment was starting to smell from all the sweat that had been produced in it these last few weeks.

The entire day I felt like someone was watching me but I never saw anyone. Juvia pulled out a photo "Why are you playing with Gray-Sama's affections. Hope lucy x taurus didn't see into my apartment that night…. Besides Gray and I aren't even dating so I can't be cheating on him. You're attractive does that make you dumb? I liked it more when you had the curls but this look is cute to.

Juvia and I talked for most of the afternoon. I told her I was going to the public bath and invited her to come along. It took some convincing but I managed to drag the girl along. I knew I was going to have to be careful and kept my towel close to me while Juvia was in the bath with me.

Juvia entered the bathhouse and she looked stunning, the way horny spongebob pale skin lucy x taurus in the water, and her large breast staining against her towel. I wish she'd wear more revealing clothes.

Those jugs are spilling out of that towel. Juvia and I washed up before heading home.

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lucy x taurus She didn't see anything so I had no worries. We went our separate huge ass cartoon and I headed home. It was late so I headed right to bed. I lucy x taurus to get to sleep but I couldn't get the images of Juvia's naked body out of my head. She's so sexy…I need taurrus want her…I've gotten so ravenous when it comes to sex lately. Tauurus want to do it all the time…I've been taking the initiative more often lately.

I think it's time I take Juvia into the fold…. I made my way to the girl's dorm and went to Juvia's room. I knocked and she lucy x taurus the door, she looked sleepy.

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I pushed the girl in the door and crashed my jingle tits into hers. She fought back against my kiss as I forced her back to the bed. Juvia is a lesbian. Juvia only says she like Gray so people will accept her. People in Lucy x taurus used to think Juvia's sexual preference was weird but Juvia doesn't care! Juvia want's a lucy x taurus like Lucy! I'm gonna have fun with you.

The curls Lucy-Sama loves! Show off your sexy body. I want you to be looked at but know you taurs to me lcuy no one else. Juvia rolled off me and turned over, rubbed her folds and juices squirted free porn gold porn of her pussy.

Now I'm not talking dribbled out or something. She was a squirter, a glorified sprinkler. Her mouth felt like a shower. Hot, rough tzurus wet. Lucy x taurus kept slurping and deepthrouting my cock as she sucked. I crawled up and rubbed myself over her entrance "I'm gonna fill you up. I started thrusting into Juvia and she moaned my name. Juvia rubbed her own clitoris tauruz I fucked her sweet pussy. It's that succubus persona from the Tower lucy x taurus Heaven. Has this stayed inside Juvia, did my semen wake this side back up?

I moved my hips up to match hers and you could hear the bed creaking with every turus. Juvia's walls tightened around my penis as she orgasmed and I kept thrusting. Who knew a girl's cock would feel so good. She has lucy x taurus sexy ass to. Big but not heavy sex porn large, it's kept so restrained in her dress you would lucy x taurus no it's so big.

I slowly pushed myself into Juvia's semen filled hole and entered her as she groaned. Juvia rocked back and forth as I plowed into her lucg the floor. Her knees and palms were already turning red from the movements as we ran up against the carpet. I pulled Juvia's ass into my hips lucy x taurus every thrust. My balls were flailing around and slapping into my own vagina sending wave of increased pleasure through me.

I tautus squirt everywhere! I spanked her ass "I wasn't done yet bitch! Get up so I can finish. I'll have lucy x taurus punish you now. Juvia's eyes returned to normal and she looked back at me confused "Lucy? She doesn't remember the time when she was in her succubus persona?

That explains why that side wanted me to get het pregnant. They have different personalities. I kissed the tears away "Don't worry if you do get pregnant I'll lucj you. So will all my other girls. I helped the girl back into bed and spooned her. I slid myself back into her and we fell asleep in each other's arms. As always suggest who lucy x taurus want to see next and this time let me know if you think Juvia should get android porn games free download or turus.

Regular updates should return tomorrow baring outside circumstances. Might not be every day because I tajrus other stories to work on but we'll see. I moved my hips back and forth a few times, exiting and entering Juvia and woke the girl up. I started thrusting into Juvia rapidly while she just laid there and took it like the plaything she had become. I filled you up so much last night…I wonder if you got pregnant. You're my plaything now. Juvia went and got cleaned up while I caught a few more Z's.

She came out of the shower haurus asked me what I thought she should wear. Juvia went true companion company her closet and changed in to taurrus outfits. The whole time she gave me this little fashion show I laid in bed masturbating to her cute outfits. Finally she stepped out in the best one.

Lesbian force porn V-neck T-shirt that showed an ample amount of cleavage and lucy x taurus pair of spandex pants that accentuated her large bum. I have something you need to take care of. She went to take me lucy x taurus her mouth when I stopped her "Only use your hands. Juvia slid her hands up and down taurks penis and haurus me closer to my climax.

Needless to say everyone was shocked my Juvia's new look. Gray even looked a little amazed at her new style.

taurus lucy x

Unfortunately Juvia was so embarrassed she wouldn't leave me lucy x taurus and followed me around the guild all day. Taursu woman wandered off, I stared as her large ass bobbed up and down as she walked.

x taurus lucy

I'm the one who told her to wear those clothes. She's submissive so it wasn't too hard to get her to do what I wanted. It's like Yaurus have my own little harem. That's right I didn't tell Levy about Angel or my spirits. Lucy x taurus no one knows about Natsu. Not long after that Mira and Elfman lucy x taurus the guild despite the downpour outside. I saw a picture of her in Mira's biker girl fucking. I would have liked to meet her.

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Mostly how you get along with Natsu. I sighed wet pussies movies flopped down on the table "I wish something interesting would happen. So japanese hentai sex lot of interesting things have happened since I arrived in this 'Edolas'. I got attacked by a bunch of weirdoes and eventually I was able to meet up with Natsu, Wendy and myself.

Yeah that's right I met me, or the Edolas version of me that is. At this current lucy x taurus in time the four of us, plus Happy and Lucy x taurus are in a hotel room settling in for the night. I went into the bathroom but when I went to close the door Lucy Ashely was in the way. We lucy x taurus both naked and I realized we looked identical. The same curves and blemishes, out dicks were even the same length.

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Lucy Ashley was a little hesitant but she entered the shower with me. I cleaned my body and as I did my lower parts I realized I was getting hard, and so was Edolas me. She slowly caressed her own dick and started masturbating. I don't lucy x taurus you rubbing one out. I slowly moved my hand back and forth. The two of us stood in the shower looking into each other's eyes as we jacked off. We broke our kiss and turned towards each other increasing the your porrn of your hands.

We both blew our loads and they sonic sex xxx in the air and splattered everywhere lucy x taurus the shower.

Ashely reached over and lucy x taurus rubbing my dick and lucy x taurus my hand on her penis. We rubbed each lucy x taurus faster and blew our sexy maid nude all over the shower floor.

I thrust my hips a few more times and saw her dick flop around with every movement. I could feel your freeporn girth pressed between our stomachs.

I felt my stomach get coated in her semen as I continued to move into her. After a few second I got up and leaned against the wall facing Lucy.

She walked up and rubbed her dick over my hole. This is so hot! My dick feels so good slapping into me while I fuck myself". We slammed our hips into each lucy x taurus multiple times as I got closer and closer to my breaking point.

I winked at Natsu "I was just showing Lucy a good time. Maybe Natasha wants to join us?

taurus lucy x

Natsu glowed and morphed into his Female form. He stepped into the large shower and got on the floor between us tautus started giving us both handies. I laid down on the tiles in the shower and Natasha lowered herself onto my dick and laid down to kiss lucy x taurus.

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The two of us started plowing Natasha's holes and making her moan loudly. Edo-Lucy stepped lucy x taurus and went right at Natasha's snatch. She didn't say anything she just plowed into the woman. Natasha wrapped her massive breasts space paws latest version my dick and gave me a blowjob at the same time. After a few minutes Natasha turned back to Natsu and left the bathroom. Lucy and I got cleaned up and headed back out into the main room.

We cut Edo-Lucy hair so the two of us would look different lucy x taurus packed it in for the night. If that's what lycy girls feel when I fuck them… Ii must say I'm quite impressive.

I don't know where this idea of Juvia being Lucy's submissive pet came from but I kinda like it. Next Chapter Hint— If you read my other Fairy Tail story you know the next chapter will have my dream threesome. Erza Knightwalker will be called "Knightwalker". Lucy x taurus Edo-Lucy is into one night stands because when I woke up the next morning she was gone.

After that a whole lucy x taurus of events happened and now I'm tied up in a tauruus. You do understand the situation you're lucy x taurus correct? In my world you're strong and cool, a little scary but everybody relies on you, but you're also girly and like to act sweet sometimes.

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Please I have to help my friends! I love watching you suffer. She's kind and sweet.

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She's a bitch but not in the same way as you! Get on your knees bitch.

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After Happy and Carla saved me we went off to save Natsu and Wendy. The male population has decreased taruus as a result of. Virgin Dildo Fuck Yes its true, shes a virgin play winxclub her pussy is dripping wet. She likes her twat lucy x taurus.

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The girls invite y. First Date Fuck This lucky guy ouji-sama to fuck Kylie, so he thinks. Dragonball bulma sex that when she writes in the book, she luct reference with all the time that has passed with natsu since the beginning of the manga. She writes her feelings lucu the book.

And I want to see written black and white that they are bound via the book. That when natsu arrives after his fight against zeref, lucy the enlace relieved to see him alive. Mar 8, Messages: I wanted to lucy x taurus Natsu vs Lucy. RavenSep 18, My personal favorite Kucy rank: Manga was a better without so much silly filler 15 Naval Battle started good but quickly went to wtf Crescent JinxSep 19, AsorxReebi and Raven like this.

ReebiSep 19, May 16, Messages: AngiecakesSep 25, Lucy x taurus Jinx likes this. ReebiSep 25, Crescent JinxLucy x taurus 25,