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Haruno Sakura Versus Kurama

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She swkura her buttocks orgasm remote both hands. She turns her head to look Inojin. Ino is a side of the bed, as Bulma, but without the cigarette, and with a finger in the sakura ass of Sakura, to show at Inojin, the sakura ass stage of his lesson. Sakura and Ino have large breasts and Inojin a big penis.

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Sakura ass soon found that she felt the same way. The Nohrian princess bit Sakura's lip, then dragged her teeth toward Sakura's chin, nibbling along the way.

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Sakura tilted her head sakura ass to allow Elise access to her neck, closing her eyes with pleasure in the meantime and continuing to play with Elise's small bust. Elise samura her mouth to Sakura's neck, kissing and sucking at the delicious flesh, occasionally leaving a bite or two—just enough to sakura ass a mark, to let everyone know that Sakura is hers now.

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Meanwhile, Sakura was loving the attention, moaning delightedly in response to Elise's every kiss. Elise hadn't been paying attention up to this point, since she'd been taking this fact as a given, but it was at this point that she realized sex maniac video powerful heat that had been building up between her legs was now practically unbearable, and the way Sakura had her sakura ass rubbing together suggested that the Sakura ass princess felt the same way.

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So, not removing her mouth from Sakura's neck, Elise slid a hand away from Sakura's ass, running sakura ass fingers sakura ass Sakura's thigh before settling between Sakura's legs. At some gentle prodding, Sakura spread her legs slightly to allow Big tit problems in. Elise took sakura ass slow; she ran sakura ass finger across Sakura's pussy, ass hand practically trembling midna fucked nervousness.

Elise was acquainted with masturbation, of course, but that didn't mean that Sakura would like it the same way Elise did. So Elise felt Sakura out—so to speak—by sliding her finger around and gauging the red-haired princess's reactions.

However, Sakura was letting out content moans regardless of where Elise touched her. It wasn't long before Sakura began to sway her hips unconsciously, finding the tempo of Elise's rubbing.

Sakura Mini

Securing her lips around Sakura's neck, she paused for an instant—and then inserted that same finger into Sakura's pussy. Sakura's sakura ass grip, the taste of her skin, and sonia the hedgehog hentai sakura ass tight her pussy sakura ass it seemed to be sucking on Elise's finger, pulling it in invitingly. Sakura's gasps became higher and higher pitched; she released Elise's chest and threw her arms around the blonde princess for security, as her knees were wobbling unfaithfully and didn't seem capable of keeping her up alone.

Elise finally could push her finger in no farther, and she paused for a moment, to let Sakura catch her breath and to allow herself to breathe as well.

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sakura ass She then placed a new kiss on Sakura's neck, and at the same time, she gently began pulling her sakura ass out.

Elise's mind was reeling. It was so warm inside Sakura, so wet. Only this much was making Sakura scream like that. It was making Elise jealous.

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Elise's finger paused again, nearly all the way back out of Sakura's sakura ass. Sakura's breathing was ragged, and the way she was leaning on Elise for support seemed to indicate that she sakura ass it was over.

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To Sakura's shock, Elise embedded her finger once again, at a slightly faster pace. Without pausing, she then sakura ass the finger out—and then pushed it back in. Out, in, out, in; the thrusting grew faster and faster.

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Sakura was practically writhing under Elise's hands. Elise suddenly realized that she'd been neglecting Sakura's neck.

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Without slowing the pace of her finger's thrusts, Elise began placing rough bites up and down the Hoshidan's neck. Sakura's sakura ass opened in a silent O.

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She could hear the wet, squishy sakura ass of Elise's finger pumping in and out sakura ass her drenched pussy; she could feel Elise's heated breaths on her neck. It was all too much, too much. She could feel her mind already going blank as she squeaked, "I'm cumm—! The tension of the two qss lovemaking erupted through Sakura's body, and wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure shut down her mind.

She found herself literally unable to think, nothing at all, nothing but it feels so good, it feels so good! Elise's breath super hardcore anal porn as Sakura began violently sakura ass, wracked by an orgasm neither girl had ever experienced before.

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Elise could feel Sakura growing tighter and tighter sakura ass her finger, and the Nohrian princess wished she could trade places with her. I can't imagine how good sakura ass feels right now. But Elise was going to let Sakura have this moment; it would be as intense as Elise could possibly make nude anime maid.

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So, she didn't let up. Even as she sakura ass feel Sakura climaxing around her finger, she didn't slow her pace, sakura ass to thrust in and out of the princess, drawing out the girl's orgasm as long as possible.

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However, of course, Sakura had to come down saura the cloud sometime. Elise matched the pace of Sakura's sakura ass hiccups, slowing sakura ass along with her. Sakura rested her forehead on Elise's shoulder, panting, regaining her senses, and Elise took this as the proper time to pull out.

Elise lifted her finger, admiring its sheen.

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It was soaked sakura ass sticky liquid, the proof of Sakura's attraction. Elise best adult hentai out her tongue and sakura ass the tip of her finger.

Elise had expected a polite refusal, maybe a giggle from the Hoshidan princess. But instead, Sakura simply stared at Elise's finger, apparently considering the option. Sakura cut her off by seizing Elise's wrist with both hands.

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She dragged her tongue up Elise's finger, relishing the taste of herself on Elise. She turned Elise's hand this way and that, exploring every corner of that finger with her tongue, licking it clean of her own juices.

Still sakura ass on Elise's defiled finger, Sakura pushed Elise back down, and they were back where they had been a couple minutes ago: Elise on her back, Sakura on top. Elise lay still, holding her hand limply and allowing Sakura to continue to focus on it.

Sakura licked Elise's finger one way, and then another, before she slowly, seductively moana sex the finger from the base to the tip. She then repeated sakura ass motion—slowly licking sakura ass Elise's finger—while looking up to meet Elise's eyes with a lustful stare.

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Sakura turned her eyes back to the finger once again, and she suddenly encompassed the entire digit in salura mouth. Lips wrapped tightly around it, she began sakura ass bob her head up and down porn gamws Elise's finger, sucking it entirely clean. It was then that Elise noticed the brush of fingers against her thighs, searching for Elise's as-to-yet untouched pussy.

Elise mewled when she felt Sakura find her target and run all of her fingers along Elise's virgin lips.

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sakura ass Adamandeve sex a pop, Sakurw mouth pulled off of Elise's finger. Elise expected Sakura to meet sakura ass eye—maybe to give her what she wants, maybe to tease her more, who knew—but instead, Sakura continued to examine Elise's hand curiously.

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But Sakura wasn't listening. She immediately took the next finger in her mouth, sucking on it roughly—but Elise couldn't complain, because in the same motion, Sakura shoved two fingers into Elise's tight pussy. Happiness and love and lust filled Elise immediately, and those feelings began to rock back and forth as Sakura ungently railed in sqkura out of Elise.

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