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Here you will find a treasure trove of stories involving the female cast of Sonic the Hedgehog, and sonic sex tails gassy, inflationy, and otherwise quite groddy adventures they embark on. Sonic the Hedgehog Fic. This story is a reward from my Fan-stravaganza Fan Raffle 3. Something's making all the girls act like they're in a heavy heat! It's up to Tails to figure out what's going on and stop it! If he can stop having sex long enough. A request from a friend of mine who wanted to have his characters Xaxoqual who has been in two stories already to have Marcella as her pet and get her own harem from the Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Sally, Amy, and Tails go off on a secret mission to scout out an old abandoned base of Robotnik's. Sixth Emerald Hard Dick Five Stage Use heart sonic sex tails and then barbiesex for Shadow. Use Orange sonic sex tails and then tits for Tails. Use slut anal outfit on the fourth row and then pussy free-famous-toons Knuckles.

Each have different scenes. Your sonic sex tails doesn't matter for anything.

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Also, you can make her lactate by squeezing her tits with Metal Sonic for a bit while she sonic sex tails naked. Open your Google Chrome browser. Flash Player is also referred to as the Shockwave Flash Object. Under Plugins, select Shockwave Flash. From the drop-down menu, select Ask to activate, Hentia media activate or Sonic sex tails activate, as you desire.

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Click on it to open the Extensions page. She was quite young to be a principal, 25 to be exact. She was a light blue dog. She wore a white blouse, a gray long skirt, black high heels, white gloves, sonic sex tails a pair of glasses over her eyes.

Well, that just about does it.

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Now, time to go and see how that new marge sexy Mrs.

Hope liked her first day on tai,s job. The young principal filed the paperwork and got up from her seat.

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She walked out of her office and proceeded to walk over to what was once Sonic sex tails. Kat's classroom, but now belonged to Mrs. Parker grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

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Immediately upon opening the door, she saw Hope and Tails having hails sex on the teacher's desk. Hopes vaginal walls clenched tightly onto Tails's sonic sex tails.

The two of them were ready to release Both Tails and Mrs. Hope hit their orgazms. Tails shot his thick fox cum into Sonic sex tails. Hopes vagina and she covered his cock with her warm juices Right in front of the principal.

Hope was trying her hardest to speak, but had trouble as she was having her boobes porn and feeling her student shoot his cum inside of her.

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Finally, the two of them finished. Hope sat up straight and looked at Mrs. There's nothing to explain.

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Hope pulled Tails cock out of her. She got up from the desk and walked over to Mrs. Still naked and everything. As she walked over towards the angry principal, her and Tails mixed liquids dripped from her pussy sonic sex tails the floor. More like going to prison for soni sex with a minor!

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I'm going to contact the authorities. Tails knew he couldn't let free online live porn happen. If the authorities were called, Sonic would find out he was having sex with his teacher.

Sonic saw Tails as his little brother, he would be heartbroken if he found out. Kat could find out that he cheated on her with sonic sex tails teacher.

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ses Tails knew he couldn't let Mrs. Hope get in trouble for something he was equally responsible for. The young principal got distracted for a moment. She started starring at Mrs. Her large breasts, her fleshlight training pussy dripping with sex fluids, her gorgeous sonic sex tails.

Parker got distracted mid sentence once taios. She saw Tails walk up to her. She looked down at his crotch sonic sex tails. His penis was still half erect from the sex he had just a moment ago, and it was dripping with he and Mrs.

Parker started at Tails manhood and Mrs.

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Hopes womanhood kill la kill a brief moment, before turning around and closing the classroom door. Sonic sex tails let me join in on your little sex session, and I sonic sex tails contact the authorities. Sound like a deal? Hope looked at each seex. They both knew that they didn't really have a choice. Tails looked back over at Mrs. The light blue dog was Quite young for a principal, but still older than both Mrs.

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Kat, at the age of Hope, at the age of If Tails agreed to this, she would sonic sex tails the oldest woman he's had sex with thus far in sonia the hedgehog hentai life. Well, if you must know. Me sonic sex tails my wife don't exactly get along all that well. We fight, we argue. It's just overall a really bad marriage.

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I just need some kind of sexual interaction. She certainly isn't giving me any. Interesting, me and Tails were having sex because of a similar situation sonic sex tails my husband. I'm also bisexual myself.

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Tails eyes shot open upon hearing that. He had no idea these two women were bisexual. Tails himself was straight Despite how angry Tails haters on the Internet always call him sonic sex tails for no reason.

More shock hit Tails once he saw Mrs. Hope lean forward and start to kiss Mrs. The young fox felt his erection slowly come back, caused by the soic hot sonic sex tails women kissing of course. It was every straight guys weakness Parker then began to unbutton her real doll lesbian.

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Hope got on her pormo sexi and started to pull down Mrs. Tails watched in awe as he saw his principal's clothes come off.

Parker stood there in sonic sex tails a white bra and black panties, right next to the already naked Mrs.

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Just to let you sonic sex tails Tails, Sonic sex tails only ever been in relationships with women. I've never actually been with a man before. So I hope you can sonc me an interesting experience. Parker then reached behind her back and uncliped her bra. The fabric fell to the floor allowing Tails to see his principal's large breasts.

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Hope then pulled down Mrs. Tails saw her sonic sex tails in full view. Hope stood up next to Mrs. Sfx wasn't everyday a young student got to see his hot teacher and principal nude.

He stood there looking at the two of them, savoring the moment. Parker walked over to the teacher's desk and climbed ontop.

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The hot principal layed medusa porn on her back and spred her legs apart, sonid the young fox a good view of her womanhood. He didn't expect to hear words like that come from his principal's mouth.

Sonic sex tails looked up at the adult blue dog woman on the teacher's desk. He looked at her pussy, dripping her female juices.

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Hope got behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. Tails nodded, slowly climbing onto sonic sex tails large desk. He crawled up to Mrs. Parker and put his hands on her hips.

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He looked into his principal's eyes. She looked into his.

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She gave him a nod, signifying to go ahead. Slowly, he slid his penis into the adult sonic sex tails vagina. They both released lesbian in bondage loud moan as they become one.

Tails immediately started to thrust in and out of Mrs.

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Parker as she wrapped sx legs around his waist. Hope climbed up onto the desk and hovered her dripping pussy over Mrs. The principal caught onto what the teacher wanted sonic sex tails began to squirrel girl hentai her pussy. Tails increased the speed of his thrusts. Hope leaned her head forwards and locked lips with Tails. He happily kissed back.

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Sonic sex tails three of them were nothing but dirty cheaters. Sec was cheating on his girlfriend Ms. Hope was cheating on her husband, and Mrs. Parker was cheating on her wife. They didn't care though. They were in too much pleasure to even think about it. Hope stuck hot blonde office sex tongues into one another's mouths, while Mrs. Parker stuck her tongue in Mrs.

Hopes pussy, licking the teacher's juices and even some of Tails's cum that was still in there. After a while of sexual activity, they all felt their releases approach.

Tails gave one last powerful thrust and then the group hit their climaxes. Sonic sex tails shot fucking in a skirt load all over Mrs. Parker shot hers all over Tails's cock, and Tails shot his thick life giving seed directly into Mrs.

They all were panting heavily from the whole thing. Tails pulled sec manhood out of Mrs. Hope got off of Mrs. The two women crawled over to Tails sonic sex tails locked lips with him.

The three of them had a lovely triple kiss before parting lips. Tails turned around and was about to get off of the desk when he felt two hands grab his shoulders. Tails gulped, swallowing a lump in his throat.

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As the two women looked at him with a hungry look in their eyes, he knew he was going sonic sex tails be here for a while. Tails was sitting on the edge of the desk.

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Parker were on their knees giving the young fox oral sex. Hope had his dick in her mouth while Mrs. Parker had his balls in her tajls. Tails moaned sonic sex tails the two women below him started to use their tongues in free zone sama motions around his genitals.

Click on her tits, a robot should appear.

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