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A page for describing Characters: To Love-Ru: Humans. Yuuki Family Rito YuukiCLICK HERE FOR HIS GENDER-BENT APPEARANCE AS "RIKO" The.

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Lesbian Sex Story Series Women who love other women. Loving Wives Story Series Married extra-marital fun: Mind Control Story Series Erotic hypnosis and mind control.

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Non-English Story Series Erotic stories in other languages. Tachibana, Rito's junior from middle school and also attending to Sainan High.

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He admires Rito for attracting girls and asks Rito to help him be Haruna's 'man-in-thought', also Yui's. Never seen after his introduction, save for a cameo in chapter Sayaka and Koyomi Shirayuri are the two girls who make minor appearances throughout the series.

Sayaka usually wears two hairpins with short gkrls and Koyomi is the bespectacled girl with to love ru girls naked hair.

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Matome, the male class representative in Rito's class; he always wears a pair of glasses. In "Darkness" he sometimes appears with Ren.

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Professor Sasuga The tennis club's advisor. He is really handsome.

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He is often victim to love ru girls naked some "alien" problems in the first series. For example he was once copied by Ghi Bree, one of Lala's fiancee girle. Later, he was challenged by Gid in a tennis match, which made him faint standing because of Gid's sheer strength. Sex Game Fun Full Toplist.

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Have fun and fuck to love ru girls naked of horny ali November 19, Working Source Statistics Source November 20, Sources that are checked in the 'Working Source Statistics' are; 1, 7, 8, 11, 19, 22, 23, 24, 27 and As the first princess and presumed eventual successor to the throne of Deviluke, it appears that she must marry so that both she and her spouse can rule together.

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As such she was continuously presented with male suitors, all of whom she has turned down. Being a hybrid between Devilukean and Charmian, Lala has gain capabilities of the two races.

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As a Devilukean descendant, Lala's physical abilities such as strength, power and speed are far greater than any known race, although overusing her power would cause her to change into a child-like form. She has also inherited some traits from her Charmian mother.

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Despite her childish personality, Lala's intellect is perhaps one of her most notable abilities, due to constantly creating extraordinary inventions and redesigning other material objects. Lala has been considered a genius since she was a child, even being able to disassemble war ships.

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Lala has shown to be to love ru girls naked skilled dragon bal super hentai swordsmanship with the use of her almighty tool in sword form, as she is able to to counter Yami's attacks until her sword breaks in Darkness Chapter Perhaps Lala's most distinguishing ability is being an r inventor.

She is considered a genius and has made many inventions.

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However, Lala very birls has the personality of both a perky child and an absent-minded scientist, resulting in all of her inventions being very toy-like, troublesome, mischievous, and causing to love ru girls naked fanservice. Another distinct feature is how incredibly fast she creates her inventions.

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Lala's middle name Satalinalong with her father's, Lucionemay refer to Lucifer Satanwho was one of the three superior spirits or the Unholy To love ru girls naked of Hell, together with Beelzebub and Astaroth. Sign In Don't have an account?

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