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She loves when men play with her heavy milk boobies. This promotion for Steve Trevor meant that Lyle Waggoner was seen less in subsequent episodes for the remainder of the series' run.

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Ira was the IADC's super-intelligent computer, who deduces that Diana Prince is really Wonder Minihentai, although he never shares this information with anyone, except Diana herself. Saundra Sharp joined the cast as Eve, Steve's assistant the job held by Diana at the start of the season.

Towards the end of the season, in the episode "IRAC is Missing," a small mobile robot called Rover was added for comic relief.

The theme song was re-written to remove references to the Axisreflecting the series' new present-day setting, and the bouncy titts depicted in the wonder woman cartoon naked animated comic book panels was similarly updated. Beginning with the episode "The Wonder woman cartoon naked Who Made Volcanoes," the opening title sequence californian pussy changed again to an instrumental and more traditional "action scenes" opening.

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czrtoon The animated stars used before and after commercial breaks were dropped. The producers of Wonder Woman generally maintained her no-kill policy, although there were exceptions: In the episode "Anschluss '77" she is forced to destroy a clone wonder woman cartoon naked Adolf Hitler.

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Unlike cagtoon the first season, Wonder Woman's sources of wonder woman cartoon naked magic belt, bracelets, golden lasso were never removed from her and stolen by villains during the two years the series was set in the s.

Other changes in season two included a slight redesign again by Donald Lee Feld, still credited as wwonder of Wonder Woman's uniform. The star-spangled bottoms were cut higher in the thighs, with the number of stars reduced, stopping below her hips, and rearranged in a more symmetrical starburst pattern. The bracelets changed from dull silver-grey to bright gold, and were wonder woman cartoon naked smaller and thinner.

Her womxn, appearing unchanged when on Wonder Woman's head, would flatten porn princesses become a boomerang, and its ruby star functioned as a communications link to Paradise Island and her mother the queen.

Feld also introduced multiple new variants on Wonder Woman's uniform beginning in season two.

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She still wore the red-white-and-blue cape for special events or appearances from the first season, but without the skirt.

This variant could be described as Wonder Woman's "full-dress uniform.

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The same uniform, with low-heeled boots and a gold helmet, was used to ride motorcycles. At first, Wonder Woman would switch to these newer uniforms by performing an extended spin in which she first changed porn animг© her Diana Prince clothes to Wonder Woman's standard uniform, then continued to spin until a second light explosion occurred and she would appear in one of the newer variants.

However, this extended spin device was dropped for expediency and Diana was then able to change into any of Wonder Woman's uniforms in a single change. Wonder Woman's invisible plane appeared a couple of wonder woman cartoon naked in season two, and not at all in season three. The plane's shape was updated with the change in temporal setting, losing the rounded fuselage wonder woman cartoon naked modestly curved wings evocative of a World War II-era pursuit-fighter, in favor of a dart-like, delta winged jet.

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With the beginning wonder woman cartoon naked the third season, further changes were made to target wonder woman cartoon naked show at a teenage audience. The title theme was re-recorded again to give it a disco beat, the use of the robot 'Rover' was increased for comic effect, wonrer episodes began to revolve around topical subjects like skateboardingroller coasters and the environment. Feld also gave Wonder Carroon a "skate-boarder's" uniform, which was also capable of use www cartoon sex training in any " extreme sport " in which she participated.

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Teenagers or young adults were commonly used as main characters in the plot lines. Eve disappeared from the cast although she is mentioned once or twice.

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Episodes during this season showed Diana on assignments by herself far more often particularly outside of Washington DCand Steve Trevor had become Diana's fnaa porn and was seen less.

Wonder Woman was also allowed to become a bit more physical in the third season and could now be seen throwing the wonder woman cartoon naked punch or kicking.

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The writers also came up with several unusual ways for Diana to execute her spinning transformation, the most notable instances occurring in the episode "Stolen Faces" in which Diana makes the change while falling nakedd a tall building, and the season two episode "The Pied Piper" in which she changes while strapped into a spinning chair.

Diana also wonder woman cartoon naked other powers, particularly in the episode "The Deadly Dolphin," in which she is shown communicating telepathically with animals reminiscent of the "mental radio" from the comics, which was never shown on the series and generating bursts of an unknown form of energy to scare away a naughty maid com shark.

In the final episode produced, the writers attempted a "relaunch" of sorts by having Diana reassigned to the Los Angeles bureau of IADC with a new supporting cast. wonder woman cartoon naked

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Though done in anticipation of a fourth season, the revamp was seen for only a single episode wonder woman cartoon naked Man Who Could Not Die" bart simpson penis, which set up an assortment of new supporting characters. Also added to the cast was a chimpanzee who, like Bret, is also indestructible.

This episode was actually the last to be produced and should have ended the third season, but was shown out of sequence with the two-parter "The Phantom of the Roller Coaster.

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After her first musical television special, Carter gave up the role to focus more on her musical career. The comic was written by Naksd Andreyko. Wonder Woman '77 Special 1 was published in May A second Wonder Woman '77 Special collecting wonder woman cartoon naked digital first chapters was published in September A third special was published in Rekio biker girl This portrayal of the character strongly influenced the Wonder Woman comics.

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Most notably, the ballerina-style spinning transformation was incorporated hentai groups the comics. The spin has also been used in the animated television programs Super Friends and Justice League Unlimited. Reruns of Wonder Woman aired in syndication during the s.

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In the UK, the series has been syndicated on several channels. InLiving broadcast the show every weekend as part of "Hangover TV. The Collector's Edition series from the late s-early s, which was only available through mail order subscriptions.

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Each volume contained two episodes. Cartopn Home Video has released all three seasons of Wonder Woman on DVD in various regions, both separately and in a collected edition.

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